..\Photo Overview

Photo Package #4

What do you do with all those pictures you have taken with your new digital camera? Store them on a custom CD!

Our Deluxe digital photo package will take your digital photos and burn them on CDs. Putting your digital pictures on a CD will keep your computer clean and archive all your memories in case of a virus or computer crash.

With this package you will receive two CDs. The first CD will be a Photo CD that will play in most home DVD players. The second CD contains your original copies of each photo in addition to, email-friendly copies of each photo. Emailable copies are small enough to send through the internet without filling up your family/friend's inbox.


Deluxe Digital Package $18.00
  • 20-40 digital pictures
  • Basic editing of up to 6 photos (red-eye elimination, color correction, cropping, etc)
  • 1 free Photo cd (DVD player compatible)
  • 1 free computer cd (includes emailable copies)

* Also available: increased picture count or photo editing



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