..\Photo Overview

Photo Package #1

With age photos yellow, crack and deteriorate and before you realize it, your most treasured memories have faded. Let us put them on CD for you to preserve them for your lasting enjoyment.

Our Basic photo package will take your photos and scan them at 2400 dpi. These photos will then be burned on CDs to make them last.

In this package you will receive two CDs. The first CD is a Photo CD that will play in most home DVD players. The second CD contains high-resolution copies of each of your photos including the bonus feature; email-friendly copies of each photo. Emailable copies are small enough to send through the internet without filling up your family/friend's inbox.


Basic Package $15.00
  • Scanning of up to 24 4x6 photos
  • 1 free Photo cd (DVD player compatible)
  • 1 free computer cd (includes emailable copies)

* Additional photo editing or larger photo (5x7/8x10) scanning available


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